SoundCloud Selects: January 2015

SoundCloud Selects is a new feature which profiles the strange yet rewarding addiction that is SoundCloud. Our intern and SC fiend Dustin Madson takes his favorite producer discoveries of the month and serves em up hot and fresh for your enjoyment. So munch on these 16 tracks, have fun with it, and don’t take yourself […]

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i don’t need u – skycapo

Not much is known about skycapo: the Twitter and YouTube links on his Soundcloud are misleading and broken (but Googleable). His musical output is relatively sparse; he’s not verified. We only have twitter and this menacingly clean “visual accompaniment” to inform our opinions. Ostensibly, he’s just another blip in the massive void that is Soundcloud. I only stumbled upon skycapo because […]

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Summer of ’09 (prod. Nujabes) – Cara Bishop

Back in November we posted a fun track from upcoming chanteuse Cara Bishop. Well, she’s back with the introspective, sultry “Summer of ’09.” Bishop’s voice, light and buoyant, floats atop “Aruarian Dance,” an old gem from beatmaking legend Nujabes, complementing Bishop’s delicacy. “Summer of ’09” is a fine follow-up to “Voices” and showcases Bishop’s best qualities: […]

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The Best Albums of 2014

25. L’Amour – Lewis The allure of L’Amour lies in its story: During the 1980’s, a debonair, freshly coiffed drifter pulled into Beverly Hills, driving a white convertible Mercedes accompanied by a beautiful, unidentified woman. He searched for a local recording studio to cut an album, eventually choosing Music Lab Studios. After a photo-shoot with an […]

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The Best EP’s of 2014

Sportscenter – Quarterbacks Sportscenter comes off like a boxer who apologizes after a mean right-hook. While one half of the EP KO’s listeners with rambunctious jangle-punk sucker-punches (“Not In Luv”, “Dogs”), the other half offers a hand, kindly escorting fallen opponents from the ring with catchy sentimentality (“Back to Back”, “Usual”). Quarterbacks are observational in a Seinfeldian sense; the band seems to fatally understand the idiosyncrasies of humanity, romance, and […]

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