Townie Blunt Guts – Porches.


Aaron Maine—frontman of New York-based band, Porches., has a knack for penning promiscuous yet highly memorable anthems of sexual frustrations, relationship controversies, and modern anxiety. The quintet carry a sound of muddy indignation and wholehearted sincerity—as if Mark Linkous had passed them the torch before committing suicide. Late August saw the release of Slow Dance in the Cosmos, an excellent modernization of early 2000’s indie rock with a darker sense of quirkiness. Porches. are a band that stick out; their music is too exceptional and earnestly authentic to lose sight of in the vast abyss of Soundcloud. “Townie Blunt Guts,” their new 7″ (Westchester indie band, LVL UP occupying the b-side), carries the same T.M.I. emotional baggage of Cosmos but feels even heavier—it’s the track’s pounding drums and grunge-sludge guitars that apply most of the newfound weight. Maine’s words are laid-back, albeit memorable, and the frontman’s delivery is boldly to-the-point. “Townie Blunt Guts” is a muddy track filled with interesting, hilarious one-liners that tackles personal stagnation and failure—however, on this track, it’s clear that Porches. don’t give two shits about their personal shortcomings, they’re just tryna rock out and get stoned with their friends.


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